Giovanni da Pian del Carpine expeditions

Giovanni de Plano Carpini: From the Vatican to the Mongol Khan's Court

Giovanni de Plano Carpini was a 13th-century Italian Franciscan friar who was sent on a mission to the Mongol Empire by Pope Innocent IV. He led an expedition to the Mongol Empire in 1245 and was one of the first Europeans to enter the realm and make contact with the Mongol Khans. Carpini's expedition lasted for over a year, during which time he and his companion, another friar named Stephen of Bohemia, traveled through the Balkans, Russia, and the Steppes of Central Asia. They encountered numerous challenges along the way, including harsh weather conditions, attacks by bandits, and disease. Once they arrived in Mongolia, they were received by the Khan Guyuk, who granted them an audience. Carpini's mission was to establish a relationship between the Pope and the Mongol Khans and to find out more about the Mongol Empire. During his stay in Mongolia, he learned about the Khan's rule and governance and documented his findings in his book, The Story of the Mongols Whom We Call the Tartars. Carpini's expedition was an important milestone in European exploration and helped to establish a relationship between the Catholic Church and the Mongol Empire. It also provided valuable information about the culture, customs, and geography of the Mongol Empire, which was largely unknown to the West at the time.

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From 1245 A.D. to 1247 A.D.

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Giovanni de Plano Carpini: From the Vatican to the Mongol Khan's Court expedition route

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