Iraq expeditions

Aalieh Khanom's pilgrimage

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From 1892 A.D. to 1894 A.D.

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- Aalieh Khanom Shirazi

Ahmad ibn Fadlan: Mission to the Volga

Ahmad Ibn Fadlan was a 10th-century Arab traveler and writer who is known for his account of a journey he made to the Volga region in present-day Russia. His mission was to serve as an ambassador from the Abbasid Caliphate, the ruling Islamic dynasty at the time, to the king of the Bulgars, a Turkic people who lived in the region. Ibn Fadlan's account of his journey, known as the Risala (or "Book of Instruction"), is an important source of information about the culture and society of the Bulgars and other peoples he encountered during his travels. In it, he describes the customs and practices of the Bulgars, as well as their religious beliefs and rituals. He also provides detailed accounts of the physical appearance and behavior of the people he encountered, and gives descriptions of the landscapes and natural features of the region. Despite the wealth of information contained in the Risala, it is not a particularly well-known work, and has been largely overshadowed by other, more famous accounts of medieval travel and exploration. However, it remains an important primary source for historians and students of medieval culture and society.

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From 921 A.D. to 922? A.D.

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Ahmad ibn Fadlan: Mission to the Volga expedition route

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