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The Dutch Explorer: Abel Tasman's First Voyage to the South Seas

Abel Tasman was a Dutch explorer who is known for his first voyage to New Zealand in 1642. The expedition was commissioned by the Dutch East India Company, and Tasman was tasked with finding a new trading route to the rich spice islands of the East Indies. On August 14, 1642, Tasman set sail from Batavia (now Jakarta, Indonesia) with two ships, the Heemskerck and the Zeehaen. After several months of sailing, Tasman sighted land on November 13, 1642. He believed he had discovered the southern continent, which was then believed to exist. Tasman anchored his ships in what is now called Golden Bay, at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. He sent a small boat to shore, but the crew was attacked by Maori, and four of Tasman's men were killed. Tasman decided not to land in New Zealand and instead sailed north, eventually reaching the Tonga Islands before returning to Batavia. Tasman's voyage was significant as it marked the first recorded European contact with New Zealand. However, Tasman did not realize that he had discovered a new land, and his voyage did not lead to any further exploration or settlement of New Zealand for over a century.

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From 1642 A.D. to 1643 A.D.

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